Certificate of
Expository Gospel Ministry


The CEGM program is a one year taught on-site part time program that will equip lay ministry workers in Singapore with the knowledge and skills they need to minister effectively to those under their care. The program will be taught by ETCAsia faculty members as well as suitably qualified experienced pastoral staff who are in full time ministry.

Core and Elective Modules available for each semester

Semester 1 Program
Semester 2 Program

CEGM Enrollment Dates

  • Semester 1 enrollment closes on 15th May.
  • Semester 2 enrollment closes on 15th November. 

Graduation Requirement

Students need to attain a minimum attendance of 75% for each module. 

Course Fees

Fees for each module (core or elective) is $75 per module. 

  • Fees per semester is $300 per student.
  • Total fees per certificate program is $600 per student.
  • Course fees for each semester are payable 2 weeks before the start of the semester.
  • Course Fees are non-refundable.
  • No Application fees are levied. 

Elective Classes

Each elective class will be convened if there is a minimum of five students to a class. If we are not able to convene a class because of lack of students or otherwise, students affected is to choose from available elective classes for that semester. 

Lecturers for Semester 1

For information regarding the instructor for each module. Please refer to the course brochure which is available for download in the following link. 


1. Do I need to complete all the modules within two semesters?

We encourage everyone to complete the 8 modules requirement within the two semesters. However, we do acknowledge that one may not be able to do so due to other commitments or the non-availability of the desired elective module. As such we allow individual student a maximum period of five years to complete the program.

2. Is this an Audit only program?

Yes, the requirement for graduation is that for each module, an attendance of 75% is needed.

3. Are there any assignments for each module?

Yes, depending on the nature of the Module, appropriate assignments, in line with the audit nature of the program, may be issued to the students and reviewed during the lesson period. 

CEGM Semester 1 Timetable

 Note: For further queries, please contact the Registrar directly at [email protected].