How To Apply

Application Process

For Certificate in Expository Gospel Ministry (CEGM) program, please apply through this link.

The college is committed to training people for ministry of the word in God’s church. Such people need to be godly and suitably gifted. Therefore studying at the college is not merely an academic exercise and so the process for assessing applicants is necessarily somewhat different from other educational institutions.

The process for application is as follows:

First, interested students will be invited to submit a full application. This will include a request for referees (e.g. character, ministry, pastoral, and work references if applicable) and other supporting documents. One of the referees has to be a Pastor of your Church.

Second, after receiving the full application, checking references and relevant supporting documents, the Registrar’s Office will contact the prospective student to schedule an interview with the Academic Dean or one of the faculty members.

Third, the Registrar’s Office will then formally communicate the results of the interview and confirmation of their admission to the prospective student via email.

Applications Deadlines:

June intake: 

Local applications close on 15 April

International applications close on 15 January.

January intake: 

Local applications close on 15 October

International applications close on 15 June.

If you wish to request an interview to begin the process of application, please go to link and fill in the form supplied.

International Students

ETCAsia welcomes international students who wish to study at the college. It also encourages International Students to find local Singaporean sponsors (individual or organisation/church). The college currently does not offer any scholarships.

Married students are encouraged to come to Singapore with their spouse/family for their duration of study, subject to approval from the relevant authorities.

All application fees are to be borne by the student/sponsor.

Please note that the following information is intended to be a helpful guide for prospective foreign students. However, for updated and authoritative information on Student Pass applications, please refer to the ICA’s website: All Student Pass applications are ultimately subject to ICA’s approval. ETCAsia does not guarantee the success of any Student Pass applications it facilitates.

Student Pass Application

Link: Application Guide for International Students (PDF)

Once an international applicant has been accepted into a full-time course at ETCAsia, the college’s Admission Office will facilitate the Student Pass application process. See application guide for details of the application process. 

Students are responsible for submitting the documents contained as follows:

  • A copy of Birth Certificate
  • A copy of passport information page with 6 months validity upon arrival into Singapore (**) before course commencement. The use of the same passport at Student Pass application and at arrival into Singapore will prevent confusion.
  • A passport-sized photo with white background. Passport-sized Photo guideline, please check

Admissions Office will register the Student Pass application on the SOLAR+ (Student’s Pass Online Application & Registration) system. Upon successful registration, the “Registration Acknowledgement”, which contains detailed instructions, will be emailed to the student to complete the application on SOLAR+.

Entry to Singapore

Please do not come to Singapore until the Student Pass has been approved. On approval by ICA, the Admissions Office will send an email with the ICA In-Principal Approval (IPA) letter to the student. The student may then make preparations that are needed to come to Singapore.

At the Immigration Checkpoint, the student is required to fill in the white Disembarkation Card. A social visit pass of one-month stay in Singapore will be granted.

Completion of Student Pass Application

After arrival, the student will follow ICA’s instructions/requirements, detailed in the IPA, before collecting the Student Pass. The Admissions Office will be available to assist you with your queries. It will most likely require the student to have:

A Medical Examination Report. The Medical Examination MUST be done in Singapore by any registered doctor.

A Banker’s Guarantee/Cashier’s Order if a Security Bond is required. The amount must be submitted in the form of a Banker’s Guarantee or a Cashier’s Order. The student is responsible for all associated costs.

Original, hardcopies of all supporting documents. These are required for verification when the student collects his/her Student Pass at the ICA Building in person. This collection is strictly by appointment only.

Note: Overstaying is a punishable offense under the Immigration Act. Please take note of the expiry dates of Student Pass and apply for an extension at least two months before it expires.

Accompanying Family Members

Each accompanying family member can apply for a long-term visit pass (LTVP) to remain in Singapore for the duration of study. This is subject to approval from the relevant authority.

The Admissions Office will provide the LTVP forms to the Student who has an approved/issued Student Pass. Application for LTVP can only be done in-person at the ICA by the student and the family members.

The student is responsible for subsequent pass renewal. Failure to renew before the expiry date will result in an expensive fine.

The student and his accompanying family members are to proceed to Visitor Services Centre, ICA Building Level 4 from Mondays to Fridays (excluding public holidays) between 0800-1600hrs to submit the the following necessary documents:

Accompanying family member’s passport with at least 6 months validity.

Accompanying family member’s disembarkation card (white card given upon arrival into Singapore).

Documentary proof of relationship (e.g. relevant birth certificates, household registers, marriage certificates, etc.).

Form 14/V39I, completed, signed and endorsed by sponsor (the forms can be found here:

(a) Application for a Visit Pass/Visa and Visit Pass/Entry Visa [Form 14]

(b) Letter of undertaking [Form V-39I]

Supporting letter from ETCAsia.

Student pass and Student’s passport. (If applicable)

With effect from 1 February 2019, foreign-born children aged 12 years and below, will need to provide HPB (Health Promotion Board) “Verification of Vaccination Requirements (VR) (for entry to Singapore)” document.

Please refer to HPB FAQ page for further details on how to obtain HPB “Verification of Vaccination Requirements (VR) (for entry to Singapore)” document:

Note: Non-English documents have to be translated to English and notorised for submission.