Prayer for us

April 2022

  1. Give thanks for a good semester of learning and growth having been back on campus.
  2. Give thanks for new students commencing next semester, especially one from Vietnam and one from Hong Kong.
  3. Pray that God would provide more full-time students for next semester.
  4. Pray for the current students that they would prepare well for the exams, not motivated by marks but by being well-equipped for future ministry.
  5. Pray for the new evening Certificate of Expository Gospel Ministry for laypeople that is commencing next semester. Pray that it attracts those seeking to be better servants in their local church.
  6. Pray for the staff as they keep working on ETCAsia’s accreditation with the Asian Theological Association. Pray for perseverance and wisdom.
  7. Pray that God would provide a new registrar as our old one leaves to pursue ministry training.