Prayer for us

November 2022

Give Thanks

  • For the Lords’ provision to enable ETCAsia  to train gospel ministers for Singapore and South East Asia. Pray that the God would continue to provide – both finances needed for the college as well as the he would continue to bring more students who have a zeal to be used by Christ for the growth of the kingdom. 


  • For the current students – 38 on the main course, 36 on the evening certificate. Those on the main course are approaching the exam fortnight that concludes the first semester. Pray that they would be growing in their knowledge of the Lord and of his Word, and would be transformed by Christ in preparation of lifetime of ministry. 
  • For Jonathan Wu who is completing his PhD in Sydney, Australia, and will take up the role of New Testament Lecturer in January. Pray for his adjusting back to Singapore, and for him to be a godly model for the students. Pray for Ro Mody, the departing NT lecturer who has returned to the UK. Give thanks for his ministry, and please pray for him as he looks to discern his next ministry.  
  • For the future direction of the college – for the principal Marty Foord as he looks to lead prayerful and humble dependence upon God. Pray also for Damien who, as college manager , is working to help college move forward, especially through building relationships with more churches who might benefit from partnering with ETCAsia. 

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