Scholarships offered in ETCAsia

The SP Quek Ministry Fund

The SP Quek Ministry Fund exists to financially support the training the next generation of Gospel workers for Singapore and to the end of the earth (Acts 1:8). 

The fund was founded by and continues in memory of the late Elder Dr Quek Swee Peng (1942-2021), a Christian gynaecologist who greatly desired many to be trained to faithfully handle and teach God’s Word and to go on to bring many others to the saving knowledge of Jesus through it.  


Apply Here

Applicants must be:

  • Recipients must have completed a ministry apprenticeship
  • Recipients must complete with 3 years for students enrolling for MDiv degree or 4 years for BTh degree program
  • Recipients must achieve at least a passing grade in each subject in which enrolled. 
  • Recipients must be students who are engaging in ministry or preparing for a specific ministry role. 
Application process: 
  • Submission of an application using this form
  • Request and receipt of one pastoral reference and one personal reference (where not previously provided to ETCAsia)
The SP Quek Ministry Fund will fund for the tuition fees on a per semester basis for the whole duration of their study with ETCAsia)
  • Semester 1 July to December 
  • Semester 2 January to June
Invoice will be issued before the start of the new semester.
Students are to submit them to The SP Quek Ministry Fund for processing of payment.
Each applicant will be assessed on the basis of:
  • Academic results.
  • Ministry profile.
  • Personal interview with the scholarship committee.
  • Reference from a pastor or minister and a personal friend.
  • Personal and Financial circumstances.

The applicant will be informed of their success or otherwise following the review of their application. 
The SP Quek Ministry Fund would look to receive regular updates from successful candidates about their progress and pray for them individually.