South East Asia Scholarship Fund

In line with Vision 2024 of the College, the goal of the scholarship fund is to equip men from South East Asia countries for ordained preaching and pastoral ministry in their home countries. 

The full time full tuition scholarship fund will benefit suitable students from the regional countries for a 3 year full time MDiv/BTh program based on recommendation from the supporting local Church in Singapore and he is expected to be member and under the supervision and internship of that Church during the scholarship Tenure.  

You may contribute in part, per year or the full 3 years program. Each year of full time full tuition cost is about $40K*. We aim to raise Twelve (12) full time full tuition MDiv scholarships, DV by 2024 excluding the respective stipend for living allowance.

* To support a full time student per year without subsidy (full time full tuition rate) would amount to about SGD40K per year per student as indicated at FYE2022 rate. The published school fee for a 3 years full time MDiv program is about SGD21K per student. This is however a subsidized rate