ETCAsia Staff

We have a small staff team working behind the scene ensuring that the college day-to-day operations run smoothly and effectively. We are also supported by many volunteers from various local Churches who gave their time freely for the college.

General Manager

Wilson OON

Wilson spearheads the Advancement effort of the College in fund raising and accreditations besides other operational responsibilities. WIlson is a ruling Elder of First Evangelical Reformed Church ( He is an Electrical Engineer by training and holds a PhD in Mobile Communications from University of Southampton, UK. In the past 25 years, he had held adjunct position in Academia, Leadership positions in Engineering and General Management as well as Technical Marketing position in the local Defence and Semiconductor industries.

Accounts and HR Manager

Jasmine Chee

Jasmine has many years of Accounting experience and is in charge of both HR and Financial aspects of the College.

Registrar and Alumni Affairs Officer

Joshua Tay

Josh grew up in a Christian family, but never really knew Jesus personally. Back then, Josh loved to be loved, and he chased after anything that’ll give him that. However, he never managed to get it by his own efforts. It was in his late teens that Josh finally understood the gospel and had a relationship with the Jesus he had heard about all his life. He learnt that his chase was futile because it’ll never fill the hole in his heart, but that Jesus has already loved Him, shown by dying for him on the cross. He also attends Bethesda Christian Centre with his wife on Sundays.