Web Newsletter

August 2022

We were blessed with many visiting lecturers for the months of August and July. For the month of August our Adjunct Lecturer for Preaching, Mike Raiter was in the College for the last two weeks of August and early part of September.

Besides Mike, our NT Lecturer, Ro Mody was also with us and before him, we had Alastair McEwen our Adjunct Lecturer for Hebrew who was also here in the College for the pre-semester instruction.

Our ETCAsia Library is also making progress, our part-time librarian together with a group of five library volunteers, who labor behind the scene every Monday,  have maintained the library collection assiduously. 

We had recently included the foreign languages books as well as thesis and dissertations. The librarian has also spruced up the Library web page as a one stop-shop access to the resources with scrolling images of new books that have recently being added to the library as well as including a list of public E-books resources available. We have also included an introduction to the library.

Check it out!