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December 2020

With the assistance of five Student Volunteers, the small College Staff  Team was able to get ready – vacuum, sanitized tables and chairs and tidied up – the College facility for the Semester 2 in 2021! All this was done by the morning of 16th December, all made possible by the College community spirit. 

We started tidying the Calvin Room while ensuring meeting safe management distancing requirements for the seatings…..

All set
to go
for 2021!

Spruced up Tydnale Room ready for the lectures, Staff and Faculty meetings ….

We cleared up the Books for Sales ensuring that they are packed with proper protection and properly displayed for viewing. Stay tuned for details of the books on promotion!

Working on the Luther Room…. adjusting for maximum capacity while ensuring safe distancing. 

A panoramic view of Luther Room all set for receiving our College students comes 

5th January 2021!