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December 2021

December had been a busy month, while the faculty took a break from teaching though Ben Thompson was busy speaking at the student conference from December 3 to 6., the operation and volunteer team are busy at work.

Firstly, we did a spring cleaning on the 9th floor of the college, from the individual lecture room, to the pantry as well as the staff Room in order to welcome the Semester 2 students come January 2022. 

Enrolment for Semester 2 had also been completed. We are looking at about 31 students for Semester 2 for AY2021/22 for both part time and full time capacities.

The library volunteers were also busy at work such as restocking the Closed Reserve shelf with books designated by the faculty. As mentioned in the last November Web News page, we had completed the stock take of the library and what it means is that each book that appears on the shelf comes with a bar code and you would also be able to find the information of the respective book in the library digital catalogue. We have also started to catalogue the remaining 1800 or so books in the boxes.

We were also working on the new marketing program for our next year Open Days, slated on the 9th February and 30th March 2022.  Details of the Certificate in Expository Gospel Ministry (CEGM) and Online programs for Southeast Asia students will be released shortly.

We are thankful also for the responses to our Annual Giving Day fund raising drive 

Wishing you a blessed and fruitful 2022 in the Lord Jesus!

Library Books 2
Ben Thompson at the Singapore Students Bible Conference