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July 2021

The new Semester One of AY 2021-22 began on the 21st July Wednesday in earnest, having a total of five lectures on the first day, all on the virtual class rooms given the Home Base Learning (HBL) mandate using MS Teams, even though the physical class rooms are all ready for the students!

The first lecture was by our new Principal Marty Foord on the subject of Church History on the great 16th Century Protestant Reformation

This was followed by Church Mission by Mike Raiter, Hebrew by Alastair McEwen, New Testament by Ro Mody and Old Testament by our new OT Lecturer Ben Thompson! on the same day. In the same week we also have our new adjunct Tutor, John Chua lecturing on the Greek language with the supervision of Ro Moday.

The 2nd week of classes, also witnessed our first Chapel session with our Principal Marty Foord beginning a preaching series from the book of Colossian with the first message entitled, Authentic Christianity based on Colossian 1:1-8.

Pray for us, Brethren, so that we can by God’s grace continue to thrive in the training of gospel workers amidst the challenges pose by the Covid-19 pandemic.