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June 2021

The month of June 2021 is an eventful month for the College.

Our principal designate Dr Marty Foord, together with the faculty, staff and current students, hosted the orientation program for our new  AY 2021-22 students via Zoom. We have more than eight new students with four pursuing Full Time MDiv program.

Besides the orientation program, we are also conducting  the pre-semester programs in language intensive for both Greek and Hebrew. The Hebrew intensive is conducted by Dr Alastair McEwen, our senior Adjunct Lecturer while Greek is taught by our Adjunct Tutor John Chua.

The Board members and staff of the College had also hosted farewell dinners on the 28th June evening for the Reids and the Modys separately at their respective residence. Besides enjoying fellowship over dinner, recounting God’s goodness in the work of the College, the Board  member also presented  each a Selangor Pewter to thank them for their labor of love for the College for the last four years of inaugural effort.

We bid them Godspeed in their service for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus in Melbourne for the Reids while Dr Ro Mody will continue his work of NT instruction for the College from Cambridge, UK.