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March 2021

The College Open Days were held on the 30th March and 1st April.

We had a total of 22 attendees from 19 churches in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, present at the two days event either via Zoom or on-site.

On the 30th of March, the visitors were treated to a lecture on Church History by Dr Marty Foord together with the current students, followed by the Principal Hour, where our graduating student, Mr Yaw Bay spoke about his plan for the Gospel Ministry* when he and his wife returns to Myanmar early next year.

Similarly, on the 1st of April, the Open Day began with a Lecture on OT Introduction by the Principal Dr Andrew Reid. This is followed by the Student led Chapel where our graduating student John Chua, preached from the book of Ecclesiastes.

Both sessions, closed with a time for Q&A hosted by the Principal where the faculty answered the questions and concerns that the potential students have considering their desire for training for the Gospel Ministry.

We praise God for his goodness in bringing many visitors from the many churches in Singapore and beyond to this annual event.

Stay tuned for the audio recordings of the Q&A.

(*) Click on link to read about the Q&A with Mr Yaw Bay in the latest issue of the March 2021 Newsletter. We had also released a series of Q&As with our new student, graduating students and our Alumnus in conjunction with the Open Days Event. This series of Q&A can be found here.