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March 2022

College Open Day 2 – 30th March

The month of March had been eventful. The highlights of the  month of March was our 2nd College Open Day. The first was held on the 9th of February. The photos on this web page show the principal speaking and other staff members answering the questions of both onsite and online participants as well as two students interviews.

We praise God that for the two Open Days we had a total registration of 38 participants (9th Feb and 30th March) and an attendance of rate of 72% consisting of both online and on-site participants with most participants coming from about 19  churches from Singapore, besides participants from board members’ churches. 

We pray that the positive experiences they had and answers received to their questions may enable them to make the right decisions in taking up Theological Educations in ETCAsia, under God’s leading hand. 

Chapel Sessions

Secondly, we had Pastor Lincoln to preach for the College during the Chapel session on the 22nd of March 2022. He preached from 1 Thess 5:12-28, entitled “Live right in all our Life“.

Before the preaching, he was interviewed by Ben Thompson where Pastor Lincoln spoke about the challenges of reaching out to the harvest field in Northern part of Singapore from his Church, Bethesda Christian Center (BCC). BCC is located right in the middle of Admirality Housing Estate, about 15 minutes walk from the MRT station. In particular, he spoke about the work of Jesus’s Club reaching out to people with disabilities. Highlighting the delights of the work of Jesus’s Club ministry. He also spoke about the need to be role model and the joy of the ministry in seeing people lives changed by the Gospel.  BCC was a church plant by BCBA about 30 years ago. 

Thirdly, on the last Chapel Session of the Month, Marty Foord, our Principal preached from Haggai 1:1-15, with the message entitled “Distracted” which he sought to address the question on “How do you know that you are distracted?” by expounding from the passage on the life of the people of God during prophet Haggai’s time and making relevant applications to the work of the gospel ministry. 

Indeed a powerful reminder to the students on the need to be watchful as they embark on  their future ministerial labor in the churches.